Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bouncing Blue Baby Blanket

I made a beautiful baby blanket, and I decided this is how I'm making all my blankets from now on.

I used Tatamy Tweed worsted-weight yarn, which is 40% cotton and 60% acrylic - nice and soft, with a lower likelihood of shrinking. Starting from the corner, I made one central cable and added a new stitch every time I started to get bored. It kept me entertained, let me practice cables, and went pretty quickly on size 8 needles.

I love this yarn, too. There are little flecks of color scattered throughout, so while the main blanket is in blue, there is also yellow and red and green in there. When the little one is old enough to get lost in little details, I imagine this being a delight for him.

The border is a simple single-chain crochet. I had planned to incorporate the dark grey into the blanket more, but after one row of it, I saw that it was far too dark. I like it as part of the border, though.

The light blue corner has a special purpose: once Joe and Kaelin are ready to announce the wee one's name, I'm going to embroider his initials there. (It's totally not because I ran out of the teal yarn. Nope.)

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