Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Fever

Now that the most recent snowstorm is behind us, I've really begun itching for spring. The sun is rising earlier, I've already seen a robin, and daylight savings is this weekend. We still have a couple of weeks until March 20 - the vernal equinox and official start of spring - but I want my spring now.

Things I'm looking forward to:

- Fewer layers (though I always carry a sweater)
- Open windows
- Exploring the neighborhood in full bloom
- The day the cats discover bird-watching
- A shorter commute (no snow!)
- Moisture, for the love of GOD moisture (I've become pampered since leaving the Southwest)
- A garden on the porch, instead of in the bedroom (where the cats can't nom stuff)
- Porch-sitting!

I'm mostly excited for flowers. I never thought I was much of a flower-person (aside from my hippie tendencies), but again, coming back from the Southwest changed me a bit. Now, my prerequisites involve lots of color and a body of water in walking distance.

It helps that I've overcome my fear of killing pretty things. I went a long time without having any flowering plants, but the primroses I got last summer are still going strong, and so is my African violet.

I still prefer those flowers to become food later (tomatoes, squash, etc.), but I enjoy the blossoms more than I used to.

I need me some lilacs.

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