Monday, March 25, 2013

Flying Squirrel

On Saturday, the cats had a big surprise.

Spousal Unit pointed out his favorite part 
of this picture: you can see the actual size 
of the squirrel's tail. 

I was sitting on the couch when this squirrel-out-of-nowhere appeared. (Not related to the alpaca out of nowhere.) Here's the thing: he didn't start off on the main deck - he just appeared on the screen all of a sudden. What makes this even more bizarre is that we live on the second floor, and there are no trees around our little porch.

The next day, he showed up again.

This time, I watched as he scurried around the deck, hopping on the fence posts. When he was ready (in other words, got tired of tormenting the cats), he shuffled down one of the boards head-first, four paws wrapped around the sides.

I have no idea what he did when he reached the bottom of our deck. There were still eight feet of open space below him.

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