Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things I Have Done Lately: A Journal in Pictures

I made bread from my new Pillsbury Healthy Baking Book. This particular recipe was for refrigerated yeast dough that can be used in four different recipes. I made herb biscuits. One set, I shaped with my own personal method: roll till they're round.

 The other, I shaped using Julia Child's method: pull extra dough to the bottom, so that the bottom looks a little weird and lumpy, but the top has extra tension. (She explains it better, of course.)

Skip to 51:50 for the segment on creating surface tension for dough.

Among other things, I recently discovered awesome tree roots.

I started a crochet project.

I photographed some flowers.

I photographed some sister.

And I made a card for my niece's birthday.

The swan decal comes from an old book poster that I cut up and saved, knowing Sophia would love a pink swan card when she got older. The "love" bit at the bottom is from a set of stamps. She is now five, which makes me feel way old, but also lucky.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome to all of it.
    Could you teleport me one of those tasty looking biscuits?


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