Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Captain's Blog: The Cruel Gardener

We've entered the home of what we can only assume to be a person of strange moods and tastes. Our reception was warm and welcoming, but the Lieutenant and I were a bit disconcerted at the state of the local fauna. Many of them, as with this African violet, appear to be thriving in this hostile environment.

I would be inclined to choose different language to describe the territory, if not for the presence of this ... former plant.

Clearly, the latter has been deceased for many days, if not weeks, yet it remains as is, in a pot in a corner. The room is scattered with various other greenery as well; I can only be led to believe some tyrant believes herself the Angel of Death and has left the deceased as a warning to other plants. She must have a heart drier than Earth's Nairobi desert.

That, or we've encountered our first chlorophyll vampire.

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