Monday, February 18, 2013

Road Trip: To Narnia and Sleepy Hollow

This weekend, Spousal Unit and I went adventuring. We drove out on Highway 18, with the overall goal of somewhere on the Mississippi, but moving at a snail's pace compared to our usual holy-crap-why-aren't-we-there-yet speed.

On the way, we stopped at the Rural Route 1 popcorn emporium, where you can get a bag of the delicious stuff for 75 cents. We also brought a couple of pounds home with us - there's nothing like a bowl of popcorn to satisfy a mild hunger or make it feel like the weekend on a Tuesday.

We saw this rather magical tree, all by its lonesome.

Once we reached Prairie du Chien, we found Narnia.

Narnia turned out to be a place called Villa Louis. We didn't get to visit, because it was closed for the winter. Visiting places that are closed seems to be our thing.

We also saw this lovely old building. There's something about the way things fall apart that is very poetic sometimes - especially with such a different facade beneath.

We also saw a few very strange things - mostly in Fennimore.

The Silent Woman restaurant. Note that she has no head. NO. HEAD. We must have been in Sleepy Hollow.

The butcher shop advises you to get your Valentine's steak from them. Because that's what the holiday is all about - handing out meat to the people you care about. (That was so not a double entendre.)

Adding to the Valentine's festivities, moonshine is available at one liquor store...

...and guns are for sale at another. Along with cheese, and cases of boxed wine. I honestly did not know you could get a case of the stuff.

All told, we know of a couple more strange places in the world. It's been a good weekend when I can say that.

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