Friday, February 25, 2011

Very Different Kinds of Evil

This picture is provided to just give you some idea of how I felt half an hour ago. I felt like that dog, carefree and enjoying the blue sky and pretty scenery while someone else guards the alpacas for a moment. I had a few moments to just hang out and love this relaxing time in my life.

Why, you may ask? Because I paid off my first student loan!

This loan was through Sallie Mae. They are evil. Their interest rates are astoundingly high. Several people I know have had issues with their evil repayment attitude. Plus it was like pulling teeth to get this loan in the first place - everyone knows students have no credit, so why do they require them to have a cosigner? It's not their fault most of them haven't purchased a car or a house yet at age 19.

For the next half hour or so, I had planned to bask in the wonder of being free from that loan. But I'm too pissed off now to do that. Why? This is why. The Wisconsin Assembly passed the bill - in an unfair, cowardly, dictatorly manner. The Assembly Republicans are officially more evil than Sallie Mae.

If they had passed the bill with everyone voting, with all arguments presented, it would have been one thing. I still would have been pissed, but not so disappointed and disgusted. How can they think that's anywhere near fair? Are they actually going to get away with this? I think it says something awful about our country that grown-ups can't even play fair.

Some people might want to counter this argument with the example of Senate Democrats leaving the state. It's a different issue. Those Democrats left to protest what's happening in the state. They left to protest Walker's tyranny and to make Walker stop and look at all the protesters around him. In one day there were 70,000 protesters in Madison alone - and he's paying no attention to them at all. They don't even equate as a fly buzzing in his ear. Something drastic had to be done: being governor is not like being Supreme Overlord of the Universe. You have to listen to what the people are saying. And the Democrats encouraged him to do that.

Not so with the Assembly.

As long as I'm talking about Things That Are Evil Beyond Comprehension, I should throw in how pissed I am about this bill seeking to redefine rape and pull funding for Planned Parenthood. Rather than go into extreme detail, I'm going to let this guy do it for me. I'm glad to know someone like him is fighting against it, at least.

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