Monday, February 28, 2011

Chili Lovers for Cheeseheads!

Friday night, I made my first protest sign since before the Iraq war began. When I participated in that protest, Congress had already decided to go to war, so I was registering my dissent more than anything else. I knew my protesting wasn't likely to make a difference in the outcome.

This time, I have more hope.

I keep thinking that Gov. Walker's got to get it at some point - but then I remember how stubborn he is being and it kills me a little. That didn't stop us from showing up in Santa Fe on Saturday.

There were protests in every state capitol this weekend to show support for Wisconsin. This blog shows pictures from many of them. It takes some time to load, but the images and links are worth it, especially if you in Wisconsin are starting to get depressed about all this.

Some of the signs at the protest in Santa Fe were more serious.

Some were less so. (Warning: there's a photo coming up with questionable language. Protect your children / hide from your boss if you feel the need.)

Love this one.

There were about 500 people there, maybe more, by the time we left - and it was only an hour into the rally. According to an email I got from, the organizers, there were more than 1200 in attendance for the day. Unfortunately, the person reading chants wrote out four-line stanzas for us to memorize and repeat, with no good chanting rhythm to them. The best chant we had was "Fox sucks!" when one speaker mentioned the network.

(Though to be fair, Fox News did discuss the issues in Wisconsin recently and actually made some sense, calling the budget bill entirely a political move. To me, that's how we know it's gotten really bad: Fox News made sense.)

Hopefully, we helped make some noise for one of our favorite states. I had told myself I wasn't going to blog about politics here, but I was just too outraged to not provide some mention of what's going on.

We did have some fun at the protest, though.

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  1. Yay, you guys!

    So glad to see J wearing the cheese hat...


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