Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Champions!

Dear Green Bay Packers,

Thank you for giving us the best wedding present ever.

The day after our wedding was the day you decided not to lose for the rest of the football season. We were busy vacationing in beautiful Door County.

But we still saw that glorious game. And each one after that (despite my having to work through the Bears-Packers game) leading up to The Super Bowl.

Myself and Friend Adam

Spousal Unit and I were very excited you were there. It was a terribly nerve-wracking game - our only complaint might be the number of pillows we threw at the TV during the game. (We were glad our favorite beer was on-hand in quantity.)

Yes, this is our favorite. We're Midwesterners, after all.

We want to thank you for the best wedding present we could have gotten from you: four playoff wins and the Lombardi Trophy, back in Titletown again. We love you. (For reals.)


Allison and Spousal Unit
(And GIR, our personal mascot)

Another great wedding present, from Friend Sarah E.

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