Monday, May 5, 2014

Springtime in my Eye

The weekend was forecast to be rainy, or at least gloomy, and I was immensely glad that it was wrong. Rather than clouds and the chill expectation of days indoors, it was sunny and warm(er) both days. Spousal Unit and I played frisbee, went for walks, and enjoyed the cheer of spring. The first waft of freshly cut grass drifted through our green-but-not-that-green lawn, and there are beautiful daffodils and johnny jump ups and soon-to-be irises that I neither planted nor watered, but I'm taking credit for them all the same because they are mine and I can.

We found a new-to-us chair for $10 which suits the library beautifully. I've put it by a window, where it can look out at all the shelves while I sit and write.

*The title of this post comes from a poem by Margaret Hillert.

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