Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey! Listen!

Over the weekend, Spousal Unit and I had Christmas with his family. Unfortunately, the gifts for his parents were on "backorder" (i.e., in the mail), so we improvised with a couple of CDs. The idea J went with for his dad was pretty cool: songs that refer to the Beatles. Surprisingly, some of the best ones he found are country-esque, such as I Saw It on TV by John Fogerty and She Likes the Beatles by William Clark Green.

This all meant that Jack was the only one who got a complete gift, though I have to say it was the coolest gift I gave this year.

Zelda 3-ring plaque and Triforce gauntlets!

We took a really good family picture, because we're dashing people.

Then we had an overpriced, comically awkward dinner sitting far too close to an incredibly quiet couple (which I don't fault them for) who made this Italian family feel like they had to be quiet in return - something that doesn't happen often. Luckily, Spousal Unit and I were able to laugh inwardly as everything went from strange to weird that night.

It's not family Christmas without something slightly weird poking its head in.

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