Tuesday, December 24, 2013


My sister Laura graduated over the weekend. I am super proud of her.

The family (plus support system) had dinner and drinks together the night before in celebration. I had the strongest hot toddy on the planet, modeled here by the lovely Spousal Unit.

I managed to get a picture that perfectly describes Laura's relationship with her daddy.

The next morning, we made the quick, joyous trip downtown for the ceremony. Except that the trip was neither quick nor joyous; we were in the middle of a delightful Wisconsin blizzard, and despite the plows having gone by shortly before we left, it was a slippery, treacherous trip, surrounded by idiots on four wheels and nary a patch of sand in sight.

After some delightful fishtailing, however, we made it to our destination and watched our gal Sunday be honored for four and a half years of hard work to receive two incredible degrees.

Check out the cool glasswork on the walls behind us, too!

She has her whole future ahead of her. (Where else would it be - behind her? Then it would be the past, silly.)

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