Monday, November 25, 2013

Eager for Christmas? Idle Down, Turbo.

Now that we've gotten a few snowfalls, I'm really gearing up for winter and Christmas. They're my favorite time of year, meaning that I love to pull out books like this and go nuts.

Snowflakes for All Seasons by Cindy Higham

But one thing at a time.

I understand the myriad reasons that people like to set up their Christmas decorations early. Some feel like I do and want the season to last as long as their families will stomach it. Some have to do it early because December is just too busy, or have to take advantage of help while they have it.

All that is fine, but I prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving, and I wish retailers did, too. But this list of retailers open on T-giving shows they're much more concerned about the shorter shopping period between holidays than people being thankful for what they already have, for even one measly day of the year.

(Yes, most people are thankful on other days, too. But I think it's reasonable to set aside one day just for that. Does anyone corporate get the irony here?)

Usually, I'd use a post like this to ask that you not shop on Black Friday. But if you're choosing between evils, go with the evil you know: Shop on Black Friday rather than on Thanksgiving. Let me detail how this can affect your world.

If stores are open on Thanksgiving, people have to work at them. People like my sister, who have to work the graveyard shift and therefore have to sleep all day. Even though she wouldn't be working during dinner hours, she still gets no holiday.

If stores are open on Thanksgiving, other stores feel pressure to compete. This means every year, more and more employees are asked to give up their holiday.

If stores are open on Thanksgiving, people will go shopping. Think of all the families that won't get to be together because one or two people just had to get in line at 3 p.m. on Thursday for the evening sales. Think of how these people might otherwise spend their time.

All of this can be solved if those who decide when the doors open come to a consensus to behave more like human beings and less like dickwads. But I know that's not likely in America, where greed rules the many with an iron fist and the few look on disapprovingly. Call me naive, but I still think we can reverse this trend.

Don't even go to the grocery store on Thanksgiving. Money speaks too loudly in this country; as long as that's the case, speak loudly by keeping that money to yourself.

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  1. Screw the crowds, screw having to work on Thanksgiving (even though my husband has to - and he does NOT work in retail) but YES to ordering sales items online!


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