Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cheeseburgers in Madison

Last weekend was good stuff. I cuddled my kitties.

My mom came to town - we went shopping, had tea, and got crafty (and if you were wondering, this is where I get it from).

We saw horribly, terribly, gaudily ugly Christmas sweaters by the pound, way too early in the season.

We ate Cheeseburgers in Paradise ...

... And crazy drinks to go with them. All Spousal Unit ordered was lemonade and it came like this.

Mom had a Mai Tai!

We were all confused about their hiring tactics. Not sure what an "ass host" is.

One of the best parts for Mom was seeing the huge tree lit up in Greenway Station. (But don't tell Neal.)


  1. Am I gross is I kiiiiinda want that gross Xmas jumper? xx

    1. There is something weirdly delightful about a sweater like that! Can't deny I've owned a few myself.


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