Monday, January 23, 2012

Survey Results and Adjustments

Ladies and gents: I successfully avoided putting the box of cereal in the fridge when I got up this morning. Hooray for that.

Now for news that you actually care about. First, thank you for participating in my meager little survey. Results said that, if anything, you would all like to see more letters to various entities, be they undead mythological beasts or undead modern companies (seeing as corporations are people in the good ol' US, I guess they're just as at risk for becoming vampires, too).

Tied with that was a craving for more book previews. I am totally okay with that. It helps that at work, I'm now the custodian of sections that I care about, so I will more often stumble across awesomeness. Such as the one I'm going to tell you about later this week...

But overwhelmingly, rather than seeing any one particular thing more often, results said that you all like Deviant Dispatches the way it is, and wouldn't change it a bit.

Which is why I'm going to change it.

Idle down; it's not that big of a change. I started this blog, one year ago, with the main purpose of developing a writing habit, of working out my writing habit with linguistic dumbbells until it began to improve. I think I've seen some of that improvement (or at the least, words tend to flow much better when I translate brain matter to language), which means it's time to put that ability to good use.

Deviant Dispatches will still exist; have no fear of that. But I will no longer have posts on Wednesdays. Rather, I will use my usual blogging time on that day to work on my novel. (Remember my novel? I've been working on it for years now.)

I'm excited for this adjustment, particularly because you, my lovely and intelligent readers, keep me on track with this kind of thing. I know you're out there, watching my progress like a less-creepy next-door neighbor, and that will help me keep tabs on myself as I rewrite my book. It may not be National Novel Writing Month, but I want to accomplish that goal of a second draft by October, at least.

Until spring arrives and the sun emerges from its winter coccoon, I may not have anything for you on Wednesdays. But when I can, I'll at least post sunsets for you, so you will have something pretty to view.

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  1. Ha,I found my bag of baby spinach in my snack cabinet last night.


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