Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Sights of Quebec

We saw a lot more stuff than I'll mention here, because I don't want to bore you all with crappy pictures and long histories. So these are the really cool pictures.

Chateau Frontenac, above our heads. There's been a building there since the 1600s, but it
burned down multiple times. (Like most buildings in Quebec.)

This chapel is part of the Musee de l'Amerique Francophone. Gorgeous (and burned down several times in the past.)

Skyline at night, from across the river.

The Haitian exhibit in the Musee de la Civilisation was very intense. Art focused a lot on the 2010 earthquake and other recent disasters, so it was very death-focused. They refer to the earthquake as "that thing" because it was too terrible to be named.

Also at this museum: an extensive First Nations exhibit. Pas de deux is part of their lifestyle; it refers to hunting and means there is no distinction between humans and animals (literally, there are not two).

Murals under a highway bridge. There was art everywhere in the city.
Montmorency Falls, bigger than Niagara. It was a gorgeous day, and I walked through snow up to my knees to stand in the remains of a fort that General Wolfe built before beating the French in a 22-minute battle.

The falls are in the background. I laughed.

J said this building looks like the one from Ghostbusters. I'm glad we didn't have any supernatural experiences, though I do want to go back for the Ghost Tour: guides in period costume point out, at night, where people died throughout the city.

To the left is the Hotel Clarendon, oldest hotel in the city.

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