Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Indiana Jones and the Malignant Polyp

Spousal Unit's late-night revelation that my favorite work pants fit me like I "took a dump in them" seems like a pretty good precursor to my post about the colon in the library.

Hosted by the UW Carbone Cancer Center, Spousal Unit looked forward to this inflatable walk-through colon (deemed the Stroll-in Colon) for weeks. I'm not joking. You know I'm not.

Spousal Unit eagerly leaves me in the dust in favor of the colon.
Stranger things have happened.

It doesn't take much for him to channel Indy.
Though this might be the weirdest place he's done so.

Hooray! Normal tissue!

Boo polyps.

As with many strange educational installments, we learned something. UW developed the virtual colonoscopy, which is completely non-invasive. It's not covered by many insurances yet, and you still have to drink the Evil Orange Barium of Doom, but hey, it sounds a lot more comfortable. I'm betting (without knowing anything about the technical aspects) it will be standard procedure in short order, based on how much hate regular colonoscopies get.

And then you can be driven home by a cheery guy with grey toothpaste hair, talking animatedly about how fun the procedure was. What's not to love?

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