Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Being Good at Feeling Stressed Is Bad

It's been a while. The short explanation is stress and lots to do, but here's a long answer for those who enjoy hearing such things.


1. House hunting. Spousal Unit and I have pulled out the big guns and are cautiously stalking our prey, waiting for the right one to line up in our sights. Actually, I take that back. I'm the one using a gun, so that when the right house jumps in front of me, I can scream in terror and shoot a wonderful idea full of Holes of Terror and Second-Guessing. Spousal Unit is using a net, because he's more sensible about this stuff.

As much as I'm great at being frugal, I find it impossible to recognize frugality in large purchases. No matter what I'm getting for the money, I can't help but feel shocked at the numbers. This includes computers, cars, and anything else you can't find in working order at Savers or Goodwill. Spousal Unit can recognize good deals in big numbers; I'm good at curling into a ball and analyzing all the ways this might alter my entire life and result in me becoming a street-dwelling junkie. (I'm only slightly exaggerating.)

2. Vacation. Yes, I'm stressed about vacation. Last week, I panicked as I realized that if I don't get my passport NOW, it might not come until after we're supposed to leave, and then I'll have to sneak into Canada in the trunk of someone's car.

I called five post offices before I found one with an opening for the next day, then scrambled to rearrange work. (It's totally acceptable for me to have daytime appointments and stuff, but I hate asking more than once a month to rearrange my work schedule, so I get stressed out by things like three tweaks to the schedule last week and one this week.) I got my obligatory Terrible Government ID Picture taken, then was told at the post office that it was NOT ACCEPTABLE and had to have it retaken for more money.

After I finally had everything lined up, Spousal Unit pointed out that I could just get it expedited instead. That would have saved trouble. But not money.

Sanity seems to be a hot commodity right now, though. As in, I'm having trouble getting/keeping any. This all means one thing.

I need a bath and a glass of wine tonight.

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