Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Personal Goals: 2017

Having made lists like this for many years, I'm starting now to better recognize my limits and reasonable expectations. Here are 20 goals for the year; I hope to accomplish 15 of them.

The above paragraph makes me feel old.

1. Have specific "me" time once a month

2. Complete three home projects from the following list (roughly in preferential order)
  • Fix the driveway
  • Fix the toilet
  • Hem the white curtains that are floating around the basement somewhere (for the bedroom)
  • Have Troy and Sam over for a renovation party (yaaaaay)
  • Paint bedroom trim white
  • Get and hang new bedroom blinds
  • Get an A/C tune-up
  • Redo the tea room (more shelves, hang calligraphy)
  • Paint and re-carpet the basement steps
  • Replace a window?
3. Continue to attend NOW meetings

4. Go to Dragonfly Yoga regularly and/or do yoga at home once a week 

5. Knit Ingrid another sweater

6. Knit myself hand warmers with a freaking I-cord so I don't lose the damn things a fourth time
  • Bonus if I also finish the second sock in the pair I started four years ago
7. Replace the broken mandolin string

8. Clean out old financial papers
  • Bonus: Develop a better storage system (meaning any at all)
9. Attend a swim class with Ingrid

10. Save money through three of the following
  • Fix the phone plan
  • Shop at Aldi once a month
  • Have a "buy nothing" week at least four times to clean out the kitchen cupboards and use up fridge items
  • Only get takeout or go out to eat for special occasions - as part of this, keep frozen meals on hand
  • Ask for an internet service discount (because I definitely won't get one if I don't ask)
  • Get a clothing rack so we use the dryer less
  • Keep track of pet food deals, look for coupons, and stock up
  • Write down personal expenses and amounts
11. Write twice a month at minimum, with at least one blog post here per month--one post will be about a book I'll read this year

12. A personal goal that I don't care to divulge here

13. Record Ingrid's reading list on Goodreads

14. Get new tires for Yorick (the little car)

15. Go on a family camping trip

16. Make krumkake

17. Remember that afghan I made three years ago? Sew in the ends and give it an edging.

18. Have a tea party (much like my friend Sandy)

19. Send my novel to three people for review (volunteers?)
  • Bonus: Re-read it myself
20. Finally buy one of these ottomans with a reversible tray that I've been eyeing for months (for the craft corner)

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